Team Alignment

We help you assess your team’s current effectiveness and its potential for enhanced productivity by developing customized processes and support to address existing gaps and to ensure ongoing sustainable growth and improvement in team performance.

Often this includes individual team member interviews and/or completion of tools to assess team effectiveness. It may also include specifically designed team sessions at the outset of the team alignment process and periodically throughout the team coaching work to measure and leverage progress.

“Things do not change; we change.” — Henry David Thoreau

Example of outcomes from such sessions include:

  • an improved understanding of the team’s current capacity for team work and problem-solving;
  • an understanding of opportunities for improvement;
  • the assurance of open, honest transparency in communication and roles;
  • a list of specific action items to leverage strengths and address gaps;
  • the establishment of a process for working together and ensuring ongoing team renewal.

Specific action plans with accountabilities and timetables are developed at each checkpoint. Plans are grounded in the strategies and operational agendas of the business so that measurable business outcomes result from the team alignment work.